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PitBull 250 Specifications
Rolling 250 Specifications
TracStar 250 Specifications
PitBull 500 Specifications
TracStar 500 Series II Specifications
DataLogger 4 Specifications
DataLogger 5 Specifications
DynaMc 28 HP Specifications
DynaMc 250 HP Specifications
DynaMc 412 HP Specifications
In Field Tensile Tester Specifications
Guided Side Bend Tester Operator Manual
Guided Side Bend Tester Specifications
Hydraulic Clamping Retrofit Kit Specifications
Large Diameter Fusion Machines Brochure
Low Profile Rollers Specifications
McElroy 2013 Catalog & Reference Guide
DataLogger Brochure
McElroy University Training Course Catalog
MegaMc 824 Specifications
MegaMc 1236 Specifications
MegaMc Four-Jaw 1600 Specifications
MegaMc 1648 Specifications
MegaMc Pipe Stands Specifications
MegaMc PolyHorse Specifications
PitBull 14 Specifications
PitBull 28 Specifications
Rolling 28 Specifications
Rolling 28 HP Specifications
TracStar Specifications
PitBull 412 Specifications
Rolling 412 Specifications
TracStar 412 Specifications
PitBull 618 Specifications
Rolling 618 Specifications
TracStar 618 Specifications
Polyporter Specifications
Productivity Tools Brochure
QuickCamp Specifications
Small Diameter Fusion Machines Brochure
Stub End Holders Specifications
TracStar 500 Series 3 Specifications
Talon 2000 Specifications
TracStar 630 Specifications
TracStar 900 Specifications
28 Vertical Fusion Machine Specifications
1LC Specifications
2CU Specifications
2LC Specifications
Pit Bull 26 Specifications

Performance Pipe

HDPE Advantages
HDPE Products and Markets
HDPE PVC working pressure
How to Read a PP Gas Pipe Printline Rev2 7-1-10
performance model spec
Potable Water Mains Model Specs
PP 101 4000-4100
PP 152 4710 IPS Size and Dimension Sheet
PP 302 – 8100 Gas BROCHURE
PP 303 – 8300 Gas BROCHURE
PP 310 GAS Brochure
PP 410 5100 Series Flyer
PP 415 DriscoPlex 5100 UltraLine
PP 507 Water Wastewater Service Model Specification
PP 508 Model Spec – Sanitary Sewer and Force Main 07-2008
PP 509 Model Specifications for Gravity Sewer Revised July 2008
PP 523 1700 Series Mining Pipe
PP 524 4000-4100 Series Multi Purpose Pipe
PP 524-F 4000-4100 Series Flyer_French
PP 525 4000-4100 FM Series Flyer
PP 526 Industrial and Mining Brochure
PP 529 1000 Series Large Diameter Non Potable Water Pipe
PP 803-TN Pull-In Applications-Nov.02
PP 813-TN Poisson Effects
PP 815-TN Above Grade Pipe Support 03-05-2007
PP 816-TN PE3608 PE4710 Designation Code and Pressure Rating
PP 819 – TN Field Bending of PE Pipe J 2010
PP 820 TN Design Factor for HDPE Pipe J 2010
PP 831-TN Compressed Air
PP 838-TN Preventing RCP in Fused Water Pipelines 10-2010
PP51 How to Read A Fitting Label
PP101 4000-4100 Series
PP102 4600-4700 Series
PP104 4000 4100 FM Series
PP402 HDPE vs PVC Fatigue
PP407 HDPE vs PVC Bend Radius
PP409 HDPE Tough Enough to Handle Chlorine
PP515 Product Submittal Sheet
PP750 FusionProcedures
PP801-TN Squeeze-Off
PP802-TN Leak Test
PP803-TN Pull-In Applications
PP813-TN Mechanical Restraint and Poisson Effects
PP814-TN Thermal Effects
PP818-TN PENT Slow Crack Growth Resistance
PP819-TN Field Bending of PE Pipe J 2010
PP831-TN PE 3408 Pipe in Compressed Air or Compressed Gas ServicePP901 Field Handbook WEB VERSION
T.1.1 – Truckload Tables MIE – 2 – 12 INCH IPS-DIPS 10_2010
T.1.2 – Truckload Tables MIE 4 – 36 INCH DIPS Rev 12_2010
C.2.a Recommendations to Customers – Unloading
C.2.b Recommendations to Customers – Receiving
Driscoplex piping for municiapl applications cont
Driscoplex piping for municipal applications
FAQ Municipal water
FAQ Performance pipe

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