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Heat Fusion

McElroy offers the industry’s most complete line of fusion equipment, used with a variety of thermoplastic pipe.

McElroy has placed its stamp on the world as a leader in engineering and manufacturing. Throughout its history, there has been a strong emphasis on product development and continuous improvement to provide the customer with the most technologically advanced, rugged and durable fusion equipment on the market. This is why McElroy is known as the ‘The Leader by Design.’

Fusion Machine Chart – provided by McElroy

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McElroy 618 Rolling equipment
McElroy Fusion Machine Chart


Plain pipes are joined by means of electrofusion (EF) fitting incorporating an electrical heating coil which when electrically activated for the appropriate time by electrofusion welding machine, melts the surface of the pipe & fitting together resulting in complete fusion of the pipe and electrofusion fitting.

Product Partners

Advance Welding
Georg Fischer/Central Plastics
Integrity Fusion

Electrofusion Control Unit


A variety of equipment are available to ensure the highest quality fusion. These tools are designed to address the everyday challenges of the jobsite: Safety, Increased productivity, Quality Assurance and Control.

Product Partners

Advance Welding
Integrity Fusion

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