Fusion Services

In-field Fusion Services

Our trained staff of industrial plastics fusion specialists can offer value engineering, technical guidance for the selection of optimal fusion equipment for your application and equipment training for team members. All EPG fusion technicians are experienced factory trained in all disciplines. We fully document our field fusion services using the latest in quality assurance equipment such as the McElroy Datalogger 5 and Vault.

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Maintenance and Calibration

Certified McElroy maintenance and refurbishment services available upon demand. Datalogger 4 and 5, Advance Welding/Raptor EF processor repair and calibration services.

Fusion Equipment Workshop
Fusion Service Technician

Fusion Technicians

EPG’s Fusion Technicians have all undergone an extensive training regime with our fusion equipment partners. They receive constant updates on new equipment and procedures as these come available. Our fusion technicians are also qualified to machine troubleshoot and repair equipment to keep your job on schedule and on budget. Custom weld procedures, fusion logging/tracking along with independent third party testing is a service that EPG can provide. Call your local EPG representative for more details.

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Fusion Technicians
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Fusion Cost Guidelines

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